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The CS4MX-I operates on the famed C.Scope 17 kHz frequency operating system developed by C.Scope together with detector enthusiasts specifically for European and UK soil and mineralisation types.
Benefitting from new generation signal processing and filtering the CS4MX-I produces a superb sharp and fast signal response with a lightning recovery time.
The CS4MX-I is supplied as standard with the 8 x 11" (20 x 28 cm) elliptical search head.
The CS4MX-I has an Auto and Variable Ground Exclude Control for more precise ground elimination on mineralised sites.
The CS4MX-I has two Discriminate Controls for an instant comparison and analysis of signals.
Discriminate 1 can be set low to eliminate iron and Discriminate 2 set high to still accept small hammered silver. There is also a Pinpoint function which switches off the motion effect so that the search head can be brought to rest over the exact target location.
mode: motion
on/off sensitivity
two channel discrimination adjustable settings
default automatic ground balance setting
manually adjustable ground balance setting
pinpoint switch
two part stem: with cam knurled nut locking and hole and pin alignment and length adjustment. GRP lower stem with ultra strong bolt to the search head.
control box: in rugged pressure tested ABS moulding. Hipmount facility.
user manual only available in English

search heads: 8 x 11 palců (20 x 28 cm) elliptical 2D
power: 8 alkaline 1.5 V AA ( LR6C: ALKALINE AA / LR6 1.5 V-2800 mAh (4 pcs/bl) ) or rechargeable NiMH pack ( HR6C: NiMh AA 1.2V-1500mAh (2/card) )
battery life: approximately 50 hours (depending on battery type)
frequency: 17 kHz
weight: 1450 g