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AOYUE FEK-01 LED Solder Smoke Absorber Fume Extractor Extraction arms.

Odsává a filtruje jedovaté páry vznikající při pájení.
Praktická aluminiová roura pro odvod výparů.
LED osvětlení.
• Highly efficient
• Activated carbon beads
• 2 adjust. extraction arms
• LED lamp
• Filters 97% particles >0.3µm
• HEPA-Filter
• Portable design

The first Fume Extraction System in the world that utilizes the maximum efficiency of activated carbon beads.

During all welding processes solder fluxes inevitably generate toxic fumes or gases. To prevent respiratory illnesses the §53 of the German workplace regulations prescribes the use of a smoke absorber. Moreover, the fact that solder flux condensation on the circuit board can lead to problems makes the use of a fume absorber absolutely necessary.

The device has an electronic control panel with various airflow settings.

The system possesses the following features:

• Powerful suction performance and low-noise operation
• Activated carbon beads that trap odour and toxins
• Filters out 97 % of particles bigger than 0,3 µm
• Sub-filters prolong the service time of pre-filters and main filters
• Freely adjustable exhaust ducts including exhaust duct arm kit
• Special nozzle with an integrated LED lamp and activated carbon subfilter
• HEPA-Filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter ) for removing dust particles
• Portable and wheeled for easy transportation
• Ducts can be bent as desired and keep shape after adjustment

Dimensions: Tube length: 1.25m
Weight [kg]: 8,5
Input voltage: 230V ~ 50Hz
Power: 180 - 200W
Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm: 320(w) x450 (h) x 260 (d) mm