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Assemble and program this fully Arduino powered robot arm! It s great for STEM projects and remote control experiments.

This kit contains everything you need to make this robot arm work! And because the Arduino compatible Velleman Nibble module is pre-programmed with basic functions, you can start experimenting right away after the build! Use the provided controller to control the 5 servos and start grabbing things. The robot arm can turn 180 degrees on its central axis. The gripper can be mounted both in a horizontal and vertical position and is able to rotate +/- 90 degrees at the wrist level. A combination of the two servos on the side creates forward/backward and upwards/downwards motion.

Building is only half the fun, programming the robot arm in the Arduino environment counts for hours of learning and experimenting. But no worries, we provide you with different example programs to get started!
A ton of additional features are also available, for example connecting this robot arm to your smartphone via Bluetooth with our HC-05 transmission module (VMA302). You can then control the robot arm by using the XYZ motion sensor in your smartphone!

plexi parts for the robot arm and the controller
3 large 55G servos and 2 small 9G servos
pre-programmed assembled Velleman Nibble module (VMA0)
sensor shield for Arduino (VMA454)
two XY joystick modules (VMA315)
40 pins 30 cm female to female & 40 pins 30 cm male to female jumper wire sets (VMA415 & VMA414)
international power supply 5 V 2.5 A (12.5 W) micro-USB with 4 world plugs (PSS6EUSB41BT)
all the assembly tools needed to build this kit
online manual

arm and forearm length: 160 mm
maximum arm height: 270 mm
maximum height reached by the wrist: 310 mm
maximum extension (clamp included): 400 mm
arm rotation on support base: 180°
base support dimensions: 145 x 145 mm
operation: via 5 servos
lifting capacity at the wrist: 250 g
weight: 850 g
maximum jaw opening: 65 mm
jaw length: 45 mm
large 55G servos:
operating speed: 0.17 s / 60 degrees (at 4.8 V without load)
operating speed: 0.13 s / 60 degrees (at 6 V without load)
torque: 9.4 kg / cm (at 4.8 V)
stall torque: 13 kg / cm (at 6 V)
power supply: 4.8 to 6 V
metal gears:
dimensions: 40.7 x 19.7 x 42.9 mm
weight: 55 g
small 9G servos:
operating speed: 0.12 s / 60 degrees (at 4.8 V without load)
operating speed: 0.11 s / 60 degrees (at 6 V without load)
torque: 1.2 kg / cm (at 4.8 V)
torque: 1.5 kg / cm (at 6 V)
power supply: 4.8 to 6 V
plastic gears:
dimensions: 22 x 12 x 29 mm
weight: 9 g